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Adjustable Flip Stop

What makes the

so unique? 

The Adjustable Flip Stop is a unique tool for manual and CNC machines. The Adjustable Flip Stop design focuses on saving time on setup and saving money as a result.


Adjustments are made easily in X, Y & Z axis. Vertical Adjustment Height 3 3/8 — 5 7/8


Use the Adjustable Flip Stop or just the Adjustable Flip Stop Head assembly on any fixture.


The Adjustable Flip Stop is made in the USA.


Experience the cost-saving benefits of using the Adjustable Flip Stop.


Purchase for $119.00



or Call: 716-782-3276
email: sales@chautauquamachine.com

Custom sizes available by special order


Adjustable Flip Stop
Adjustable Flip StopAdjustable Flip Stop

patent pending

Now available from Chautauqua Machine Specialties.

Flipper retracts for machining on the positional edge of your

 Fine precision adjustments feature allows for fine-tuning of
your machining position.

 Won’t rub against your part as it retracts.

Accurate repeatability

Can be mounted on any Manual or CNC Machine

Flipper extends into vise area when needed.

Unique design for right or left-hand operation.

Is easily adjustable in the X, Y & Z axis.

All Steel Construction