CNC Machining

Your Turnkey Precision CNC Machining Company Serving NY, PA and the Nation

Chautauqua Machine Specialties is a Northwestern, NY CNC machining provider that offers a wide range of custom CNC machining solutions for small and medium manufacturing operations. CMS serves a wide range of industries thanks to our knowledgeable staff utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide custom CNC solutions. All to ensure you receive high-quality parts at affordable prices.

We Use the Latest and Greatest Technology in CNC Machining

We are firmly committed to acquiring the latest computerized machines and other advanced technologies that will keep us one step ahead in the industry, and that allows us to continue to offer the best CNC services to our customers. One example is the utilization of the Renishaw probe on our CNC machines. This probe saves on setup time and improves process control and is an established best practice for maximizing efficiency. When combined with a CAD interface, measurements, in-cycle gauging, and first-off inspection abilities deliver a significant cost savings. This is just one example of how we utilize the latest technology and programming capabilities in our machines to continuously improve our manufacturing capabilities. We also have a strong reputation for our lightning-fast turnaround times and our customer responsiveness.

Chautauqua Machine Specialties – CNC Precision Machining

Our CNC turning department includes a 3-axis Mazak turning center with live tooling and dual chucks, a Mazak turning center utilizing a bar feeder, and multiple CNC lathes totaling nine CNC turning centers altogether.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality parts with extreme precision.
– Our turning centers can hold a tolerance of +/- .0002
– Our machining centers can hold a tolerance of +/- .0002

Our state-of-the-art machines and software also allow us to download custom drawing files from companies located in the U.S, significantly simplifying the pre-manufacturing process while increasing the amount of work our CNC machines can take on.

Our CNC machining centers use the latest CAD/CAM software and can hold a tolerance of +/- .0001 positional accuracy. The CNC milling department also has Haas Machining Centers utilizing a 4th-axis when necessary. Our models range from the Super Mini Mill, to the VF-2s and VF-3s amounting to eight machines total.

Chautauqua Machine Specialties – Manual Machining

For parts with more complexity, or those in the prototype stage, our manual machining services can be an ideal solution. Our skilled and experienced toolmakers can machine even the most precise and delicate parts.

We have manual milling machines and lathes in addition to a full procession of support equipment. Our Toolroom Haas 2-axis lathes are equipped to handle a part diameter up to 10 inches. By having the flexibility to manufacture the parts manually or in CNC mode, our toolmakers can complete a wider variety of jobs with greater precision.

The combination of our equipment, along with the unique knowledge and experience of our team, enables Chautauqua Machine Specialties to provide the highest quality manual and precision CNC machining services available. We are happy to machine full production run parts, a prototype for a new idea, or a first article inspection piece for a larger production run.

The combination of superior equipment and the unique knowledge and experience of our team members enables Chautauqua Machine Specialties to provide the best CNC services to our customers. We are happy to machine a prototype for your idea conception or a first article inspection piece for a larger production run.

CMS is Fully Equipped to Take On Any CNC Precision Machining or Manual Machining Job

Chautauqua Machine Specialties, located in Northwestern NY, offers both manual and CNC precision machining for high-quality manufactured products. Our experienced staff can work with you to improve part designs and manufacture each part with precision.

Our precision CNC lathe machining services are ideal for intricate parts where accuracy is of the utmost importance. We have the flexibility to handle jobs small and large.

Our precision machining capabilities allow us to produce the tight-tolerance parts you need from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel, steel, brass, plastic materials, aluminum.

Chautauqua Machine Specialties is More than Just a CNC Manufacturing Company

We strive to serve our customers as their complete manufacturing solution.

We offer a variety of secondary operations so that we can finish our customers’ parts under our own roof. Our finishing services include deburring, tumbling, sawing, and engraving. We also offer reverse engineering services upon request. By keeping these services in-house, we can provide faster turnaround and reduce the number of vendors our customers need to work with.

To complement our CNC machining operations, Chautauqua Machine Specialties offers CNC Waterjet Cutting. If you need waterjet cutting services, we offer affordable and high-quality precision capabilities to complete your job to spec.