CNC Secondary Operations

Chautauqua Machine Specialties: Secondary Operations for Part Finishing

Our goal is to provide you with complete machining and manufacturing services, and this includes the finishing work on your parts. Our secondary operations allow you to have your parts manufactured and finished under one roof, saving you time, expense, and the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

We offer numerous services that many traditional fabrication shops do not. These services include engraving, deburring and tumbling, sawing, and other secondary processes. Our goal at Chautauqua Machine Specialties is to anticipate our customer’s needs to make your buying experience as comfortable as possible.

Deburring & Tumbling Services

Burrs naturally occur from most machining operations. As a result, many parts require deburring and tumbling for an ideal surface finish. We can remove those rough and sharp edges for you, eliminating the need to finish parts by hand. We can save you time and money while increasing manufacturing efficiency.

Manual deburring is frequently the best option for finishing smaller quantities of parts. Manual deburring is a very versatile process – we can use a variety of tools, enabling us to finish all types of parts with high levels of precision and quality. Because all work is performed by hand, we can inspect parts as we go to ensure quality and consistency.

For larger production runs, we can tumble your components to get your parts to their ideal finish. Tumble deburring is a mass finishing process that utilizes friction for burr removal. A tumbler generates vibrations and causes media to be rubbed against the parts, removing the rough and sharp edges.

From small parts to large, CMS takes pride in providing our customers burr-free parts that are finished to your exact specifications.

Industrial and Commercial Engraving & Marking Services

Our CNC machines can engrave your logo, patent number, part number, or any other information you require on your metal or plastic parts. This is ideal for both large and small volume projects.

Let us help you with your engraving needs today.

Reverse Engineered Products for Broken or Damaged Parts

For any part or component that has received damage, our team of engineers are able to reverse engineer the component and recreate it using CAD software. For any non-patented part or component that needs replacing, we have the ability to design, manufacture, and deliver that part often-times at a very economical rate compared to purchasing an entire assembly for one particular component. We highly value the patent laws, therefore any patented part brought to us to be reverse engineered will be excluded.

Metal Sawing, Cutting, and Finishing

Our high-precision saws, including our state-of-the-art Marvel No. 8 Mark III power tilt with automatic feed, are designed to turnaround cutting projects efficiently and with high quality. Our machines have high feed rates, maximizing efficiency and minimizing turnaround time for your cutting needs.

CMS provides complete turnkey services for cutting metals, alloys, and composites in a wide range of sizes. We also have a state of the art water jet cutter that can quickly cut through both metal and plastic. This water jet cutter will cut 42″ x 54″ and up to 10″ thick for some materials. We can hold a tolerance as small as +/- .005 depending on the thickness of material.

How can we help you with your sawing and cutting needs?

Additional Value-Added Secondary Processes CMS Provides

We take a value-added approach with every job that we accept, and to help our customers streamline their manufacturing we have developed relationships with competitive, high quality and reliable partners so that we can also offer Heat Treating and Plating.

We strive to stay ahead of the latest technology and trends in materials, processes, and design, so we can continue to offer our customers cost-saving and product improvement suggestions.

In all of our projects, Chautauqua Machine Specialties considers more than just the cost of your part. We also focus on techniques and material suggestions that may increase or improve its function or cosmetic appeal. Our persistent pursuit of excellence will ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and allow us to excel in our field.

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