CMS Offers Custom CNC Waterjet Cutting Services

If you need waterjet cutting services, Chautauqua Machine Specialties offers affordable and high-quality precision to get the job done right. We can cut a wide variety of materials from hardened steel to plastic. Our waterjet cutting can be a standalone service or used in conjunction with your machining or fabrication needs. We continually strive to improve and optimize our processes to increase production quality and provide exceptional service.

Waterjet Cutting Taper Compensation Head Adaptor

Here at CMS, we have upgraded the cutting head with an add on taper compensation head that can change the taper up to 8 degrees on both the Y and X axis. We were one of the first machine shops to adapt our waterjet cutter with a taper head and allows us to cut a profile out of materials with precision. The unique process provides superior edge quality, and frequently eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes.

Let’s discuss how our waterjet cutting capabilities could be a good fit for your manufacturing needs.

CNC Waterjet Cutting for the Right Application is a Very Efficient way of Cutting

The waterjet can be a superior choice to laser or plasma cutting. The advantages of waterjet over laser or plasma include a higher-quality finish, fewer mechanical stresses, and fewer risks of final part quality issues since high heat is not used during the cutting process.

  • Can cut steel up to 10”, compared to the best laser on the market which can only cut up to 1.5”
  • In waterjet cutting, the sheet being cut is submerged in a tank of water, reducing the resulting noise
  • Waterjet cutting doesn’t affect a material’s basic makeup; it creates no heat along its cut path to alter the material’s original integrity
  • Waterjet cutting doesn’t have the material limitations of other methods, both in a variety of materials and thickness
  • It can produce remarkably complex cuts with up to 3 axes
  • It can produce high depth-to-diameter ratio through holes that won’t damage threading taps

These advantages increase cost effectiveness and lessen the need for employing any secondary operations to finish the part.

CMS Provides a Wide Variety of Materials for CNC Waterjet Cutting Applications

Our precision Wardjet ZXL-45 waterjet cutter has the capability to cut materials up to 44″ x 52″ and up to 10″ thick. We can work with nearly any material, including plastics, steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, and aluminum. We can hold tolerances as small as +/- .005 depending on the thickness of the material. Our modern equipment ensures that we are utilizing the most efficient processes to guarantee a high quality and cost-effective part.

When waterjet cutting, initial pressure is around 60,000 PSI which is then narrowed to produce a low volume, very thin stream of ultra-high-pressure water for cutting high precision parts. This thin high-pressured water moves at over twice the speed of sound, and when a small amount of abrasive is added to the stream called garnet, it is capable of cutting nearly any material.

Our WARDJet can cut:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Plastics